Wednesday, 19 April 2017

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Dr Brian Flynn, a senior lecturer in electronics and electrical engineering at the University of Edinburgh, visited the site in March 2017 and noted that the brick shed beside the cottage near the masts contains the remnants of a rather home-made looking equipment rack made of Dexion and hardboard held together with brass BA cheese-head screws. Both were favourite constructional materials in the old Electrical Engineering Department in the University when Brian himself was a student there from 1967 to 1971.  A 5-amp switched socket is attached to the rack with some wiring. There are numerous cables that look like signal cables.

Brian was aware that the masts were erected in the early 1960s for a radio propagation experiment.  He also recalls several of the Department’s technicians telling of some of the scary work they performed on the masts.

None of Dr Muggleton’s published papers make reference to his work with the Boghall riometer, and no written record of its use has been found within the University, so it is not known if any significant results were obtained. Brian has also attempted to trace the project report compiled by Bruce Taylor, but it appears not to have survived.   

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  1. Brilliant! Well done on finding out what was going on. I've been curious about this for many years. Glad to see that things have finally been documented somewhere.