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Photographs taken December 2016

Cottage at end of track running west from Boghall Farm.  Masts in background.  Redundant power pole to right.

Power line insulators on pole opposite cottage

Disused power line insulators on pole on cottage

View south to cottage from second telegraph pole

Shed and cottage viewed from track

First telegraph pole right side.  4 insulator spindles.

 First telegraph pole in vegetation beside fence near cottage.  Shed in Background.
First telegraph pole left side.  6 single insulator spindles.  Bracket with 2 spindles.  4 intact insulators

First telegraph pole near cottage

Second telegraph pole left side.  4 insulator spindles.  One insulator intact

Looking north.   Second telegraph pole on ground

Second telegraph pole.  Chiseled markings and remains of inspection record plate.
Anchor point for guy cable

Second telegraph pole right side.  3 insulator spindles.  1 insulator intact.

East mast in foreground.  Three intact wires on upper sections of masts, two on lower sections.

West mast.  Loose wire wrapped around base.

Punch-hole inspection record plate on mast.  Marks on plate worn off. 

Looking west
Steelwork on ground downhill from masts (1)

West mast.  Five wires intact.
Steelwork on ground downhill from masts (2)

West mast.  Five intact wires.

Looking east towards east mast

West mast.  Ends of broken wires.

West mast.  Wires wrapped around mast and joined with vertical wire.
Looking south.  West mast in foreground.

View looking east

West mast.  3 wires intact.

Top of west mast showing pulley wheels.

West mast.  Three wires intact and joined with vertical wire.

East mast.  3 intact wires.  2 loose wires.

East mast.  2 intact wires with tensioners. Loose wire to right of mast.

West mast.  2 intact wires with vertical wire joining.

Looking north-west (1)

Looking north-west (2)

Looking north-west (3)
Looking north-west (4)

East Mast.  Five intact wires.  Two loose wires.  Barbed wire wrapped near base.

Carved markings on east mast:   "GPO 1908 R"

Carved markings on east mast (contrast enhanced)

West mast.  Wires wrapped around.  Barbed wire to deter climbing.

West mast.  Wire secured with staples.  Green punch-hole inspection record.

Steelwork downhill from masts (3)

East mast.  Two wires attached with tensioners; one loose wire.

East mast upper section.  Three wires attached with tensioners.  Joint with lower section held with bolts and rings around mast.

East mast upper section.  Three wires attached with tensioners. Loose tensioner above.

East mast. Two pulley wheels at top. Two loose tensioners, one with hanging wire attached.

Photographs taken March 2017 by Brian Flynn

Shed.  Redundant power insulator.

Shed Interior.  Redundant cables

Shed interior.  Equipment cabinet.

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