Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Mystery Solved

A former Post Office/BT employee, Jim Crockett, has provided the following explanation of the purpose of the Boghall Installation:

"Back in 1964, when I was a GPO Youth in Training (engineering apprentice) I spent a period of time with the Edinburgh Survey Officer (based at Hopetoun Street). One of the tasks we took on, was to survey the Boghall site for pole erection. Back in those days, the GPO had a high level of community spirit, and offered to erect the poles for Edinburgh University to allow them to set up a tuned receiving aerial, for an early design of radio telescope. The site was selected as it was well shielded from City electrical pollution. If I remember correctly, the poles were recovered from an old GPO HF radio site, transported to Boghall, erected, and handed over to the University for their own use - probably all free of charge. How they were fed, I don’t know but suspect they were used to feed a radio receiver at a remote University location."

Jim Crockett responded to my request for information posted on the website of Bill Rees www.btpensionersreconnect.co.uk  -  Thanks to both.

Any further details about the aerial would be welcome.  


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